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Big Times Project

An Open-Ended Serial for the Stage

Virtual Theatre

The Big Times Project: Welcome


Through The Big Times and Back is an open-ended serial for the stage about television, crime, the media, and professional wrestling, presented in eight parts by Boston and North Shore actors.



ROOKIE JONES | Trevor Gerard Frederick


THE MERCENARY | David Anderson


BUCK NERO | Kyle Gregory

GENE REYNOLDS | Kevin Paquette

GOLDSTEIN | Alex Deroo

SHIRLEY LEON | Regine Vital
DESERT ROSE | Morgan Flynn

FRANKENSTEIN MORGAN | Robert Benton Orzalli

KAEN HARUYOSHI | Lorenzo Garchitorena
JACK E. RIPLEY |  Zach Winston

MARATHON WOODWARD | Cristhian Mancinas García

CHERYL BUCKLEY | Chelsea Evered

REF HERB | Conor RE Walsh

STAGE DIRECTIONS | Jim Remmes, Jacqui Amrich

Written by Zach Winston
Directed by James Peter Sotis (Parts I, IV, & VI), Alexandra Smith (Parts II, V, and VIII), Emily Grove (Part VII), and Zach Winston (Part III)

The Big Times Project: Press Coverage
Part I - Welcome to the Big Times Adjust

Welcome to the Big Times

Directed by James Peter Sotis

New York City, 1977. Ed Koch is campaigning for mayor, Annie debuts on Broadway, a widespread blackout takes the city by storm, and an aging pro-wrestling promotion struggles to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing cultural landscape.

Featuring Jay Connolly, Trevor Gerard Frederick, David Anderson, Emily Grove, Kyle Gregory, Robert Benton Orzalli, Kevin Paquette, and Alex Deroo

The Television Guy

Directed by Alexandra Smith

It's a big time for sports in America- Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are playing their final years of college basketball, John Madden is coaching the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl victory, and The New York Yankees are winning their first World Series under the ownership of George Steinbrenner.
Meanwhile, in The Big Times, things are only just heating up.

Featuring David Anderson, Kyle Gregory, Jay Connolly, Chelsea Evered, Kevin Paquette, Emily Grove, Trevor Gerard Frederick, Alex Deroo, Mikey DiLoreto, and Regine Vital

Part II - The Television Guy 2.png
Part III - Kill With a Smile.png

Part III:
Kill With A Smile

Directed by Zach Winston

America is going through an identity crisis. Post-Vietnam fatigue has left the economy in shambles, and morale at an all-time-low. Crooked politicians and criminals dominate the headlines and, to make matters worse, Elvis Presley has died. Meanwhile, in The Big Times, a heinous murder involving the biggest and wealthiest names in the business has shaken the industry to its core, and the killer may still be at large.

Featuring Mikey DiLoretto, Jay Connolly, Emily Grove, Regine Vital, Trevor Gerard Frederick, Kevin Paquette, Alex Deroo, Robert Benton Orzalli, Kyle Gregory, Conor R.E. Walsh 

Part IV:
The "F" Word

Directed by James Peter Sotis

We all know it. We've heard comedians Lenny Bruce and George Carlin immortalize it through their artistic use of profanity, we've seen the redactions in the Watergate transcripts, we've read it etched on the bathroom wall. But in The Big Times, there's another "f word" that will get you in big trouble, and everyone is saying it.

Featuring Jay Connolly, Kevin Paquette, Mikey DiLoretto, Emily Grove, Alex Deroo, and Trevor Gerard Frederick

Part IV Stripes.png
Part V - The Titan Cometh FINAL1.png

Part V: The Titan Cometh

Directed by Alexandra Smith

New York City, 1981- Ed Koch wins a second term as mayor on the promise of public safety, street crime plagues the city with its most violent year on record, and Cats debuts on Broadway. Meanwhile, The Big Times is making a big comeback thanks to an unexpected star from yester-year.

Featuring Emily Grove, Trevor Gerard Frederick, Jay Connolly, Kyle Gregory, Alex Deroo, Regine Vital, Morgan Flynn, Jacqui Amrich, Lorenzo Garchitorena, Zach Winston, Mike Nuttall, and Michael Blunt

Part VI:
Escape From The Big Times

Directed by James Peter Sotis

Madison Square Garden, the Mecca for live entertainment and arena sports for generations. Stars like Muhammad Ali and Frank Sinatra cement their legacies in the city that never sleeps in this timeless venue, and now The Big Times looks to do the same thing. If all goes according to plan, it could mean big things for everyone.

Featuring: Jay Connolly, Trevor Gerard Frederick, Michael Blunt, Emily Grove, Lorenzo Garchitorena, Morgan Flynn, Regine Vital, Alex Deroo, Cristhian Mancinas García, and Zach Winston.

Part VI - Escape from the Big Times Actu
Part VII - Outlaw Territory.png

Part IV:
Outlaw Territory

Directed by Emily Grove

The rules have changed. The gloves are off, weapons are at-the-ready, and everything you once knew about The Big Times has been lost. It's a dog-eat-dog world, and the only way out is trial-by-bloodshed. Welcome to outlaw territory, where there are no winners, just survivors. Pray for mercy.

Part VIII:
Once Upon A Time
In The Big Times

Directed by Alexandra Smith​

What would you give for the chance to start over? Would you give up on everything you've ever worked for, everything you once loved, everything everyone once loved about you? Would you sacrifice your pride, your dignity, your morals? Your life? Once the promised land of dreams and legacies, The Big Times has never been smaller.

Part VIII - Once Upon a Time in The Big
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