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"Working between myself and the actors was Vagabond's Artistic Director, James Peter Sotis.  People of Boston: This is a director to watch.  He has great insight into the psychological and subtextual undercurrents and that drive characters on stage, as well as a solid grasp of spectacle and theatricality.  I repeatedly had the experience of hearing him describe what's happening in a scene on a deeper level than I originally saw it myself and being able to go, "Yeah, that's exactly what I meant."  For a script in progress, having emotional undercurrents described in detail by a third party is very valuable information as you move on to the next draft.  It allows you to zero in on the heart of a moment and bridge it to the next one with a clear idea of how and why the scene is moving in that direction"

- Meron Langsner, Playwright, Burning Up the Dictionary

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